Thursday, November 24

Today, The Biggest and Most Important Day at the Inn ..... 11/24/16

        Many suffer from worry, de-pression, frustra-tion, self-loathing.

         An Attitude of Gratitude counteracts these ills.  Cher-ishing our loved ones, counting our blessings are key to knowing happi-ness.

       Thank you for dropping by.  This is the biggest and most central day of this inn.  May
this Thanksgiving Day be your best ever.
                  Thankfulness depends not upon circumstances. It relies upon our response to them.  It doesn't matter if our plight is good or terrible.

       Hug loved ones.  Little in life is as important as family, friends, knowing joy.  Thankfulness is a skill.

      It is a developed discipline.  As one who suffered as a younger person, and well into adulthood, I know seeds of gra-titude can be planted.  During. Tough.  Times.  They are wa-tered when we are mindful of whatever is true, lovely, excellent and worthy of praise.

      Tending to these seeds of positivity provides tremendous benefits.

      They sprout a happier out-look. The hands of thankfulness weed out any negativity that lurks within us.   If it is not removed, thorny thoughts of worry, fear, and depression will choke the field of our hearts and minds.  Despair easily follows.

     I am a happier man because I have an Attitude of Gratitude.  My positive mental state draws healthier people in my life.  My life flourishes.

     It is fuller than I ever imagined as a child or young adult.  My life is genuine, my relationships are authentic.  My heart wells with satisfac-tion.

      My wish is between now and next Thanksgiving, this is your reality, too.

                 The Innkeeper

       For those in America, here's hoping you will have bounteous tables, full of turkey and all the trimmings (or your family's favorites) and a good time had by everyone. 

       For those of you missing a loved one this year, may your good memories sustain you through the holidays, and help fill the empti-ness. 

       I drew a pilgrim while in elementary school, probably in the 6th grade.  At that time in my life, I had little know-ledge of what gratitude was.  It wasn't a part of my consciousness. Thankfulness then was for the latest toy, sweet, or new book.

       As the years passed I matured. All that I should be deeply grateful for sunk in and remains:

       My family, all generations.  My home and talents.  I appreciate the op-portunities given to grow and prosper.  I value friends, online as well as real-time.

        I am in awe of my mentors.  I cherish the animals I have cared for and loved.  I am filled with wonder for the beauty of our planet.   And for my daily bread, for my lot after this existence ends.

       Take time this Thanksgiving.  Reflect on those whom you are thankful for and tell them.  Tell your Maker also.  Tomorrow may be too late.           
       Wishing you a terrific Thanksgiving,
How About You?
     What are your gratitudes for this special day? Please, I'd love hearing from you. Celebrate with me this milestone of a post. 

 P.S.  As an aside, this post reaches a milestone.  It is the 1,200 post of this inn.  I keep track of them by the hundred.  I have been waiting for this day for several months.

        How fitting it is the subject is giving thanks on Thanksgiving Day.  Thank you for joining me in this journey of  having a heart filled with gratitude, each and every day.

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