Friday, June 3

God Isn't a Spiritual Bell Boy, Revised 6/3/16

This is not God. I'm
sorry if you were
        Recently, I was schooled in a lesson while laboring on a project.

        A suitcase of tasks related to it was lugged.  Up the steep stairs of unseeable results.  What I did was foreign to me and a challenge.  But I was confident in seeing this task completed.

       Others told me to give up.  Nope.  No can do.  Success often requires faith along with perseverance.

        Faith is going beyond the dictates of reason and circumstances.  When pushing ahead, if we need all the outcomes figured out, where's the need for faith?  How can it unfold its wings?

       Faith is doing what takes faith.
(Read here, for more about this idea.)

       I'm not prone to throwing in the towel when circumstances aren't going well.  There's something to be said for determination.
"In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins–not through strength but by perseverance.”                                   H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
        By phone, others were recruited.  Contacts were engaged face-to-face.  All efforts appeared for naught.  The lack of results didn't rattle me.

       What we do or don't achieve does not define us.

     We can be thank-ful  for the free-dom found when we leave our best efforts in God's hands.  It is enough trusting Him for the results. There is power in persis-tence.  However, endurance is best when born of prayer and meditation and faith.

       This is connecting to the God of our understanding.

       Seeking God's will.  This is not relying on our abilities.  We are not the end all and be all of any endeavor.  Seeking God's help, relying up-on His resources, works best.  It accomplishes greater works.

      God isn't our spiritual bell boy.

      He doesn't wear a goofy uniform.  Nor is he a lackey.  We know bellboys.  They work at hotels, toting our luggage to our room, hoping for a tip.

      God isn't to be bossed. We don't snap our fingers saying, "God, this is what I want to do (you name it), or need.  Now, bless my efforts. Give me what I want!"

       It is preferred asking for His guidance.  We commit our ways to Him. We let God establish our plans.

       Here's a quote that shines on this subject:
Remember that asking our Higher Power for help does not mean asking for specific results---that is asking God to execute [perform---not kill] our will!  Turning our will and our lives over to God means that we put the outcome in God's hands.   Paths to RecoveryAl-Anon's Steps, Traditions,  and Concepts, Virginia Beach, VA: (1997). 29, Print.
        Well, today it happened.  The results regarding my efforts and faith arrived.  It was lovely.  The  route to success was unexpected.  Basking in a vision fulfilled nourishes the soul.  It gives hope for the heart.   It strengthens our resolve, the next time when confronting a problem.

       God's humor was displayed as the vi-sion unfolded.  The payoff for my efforts was rewarding.  Fig-ures.  Things work out better when I "do the next right thing."  And then rest, trust-ing God for the outcome.

        Getting out of the way with this project was more productive.  Life is less intense.  There are fewer worries.

         One of the persons who prompted me to quit----when I struggled with this project----was with me tonight. When the glorious outcome was unveiled; she was speechless.  Little faith, produces small results. "According to your faith be it unto you," a spiritual leader, once said.

         Operating from God's point of view broadens life's possibilities. Big faith allows God to work.  When unfettered by negativity, fear, or a limited perspective much can happen.

          Exercising faith enables God to unleash His power.  It is humbling, remembering reality or results are not limited to our senses.  They are not dependent upon our abilities.  Nor are results tied to our capabilities or logic.

         Thank God for this fact.  Literally.

         It's emotionally satisfying knowing, at the cellular level----not just cognitive-ly----there's only one God and we are not Him.  God and us make a pow-erful team. This partnership enables us to do our best.

        We are unshackled from the limited resources when operating by our strength alone.  Confusion and apprehension and our weaknesses are placed in God's hands.  That's our best option.

        Worry avails little.  Yes, it provides a pseudo sense of control.  But it is still fake.

        When we think we are in charge of circumstances, it is important seeing this for what it is.  An illusion.  When we believe we have every-thing under control, we don't.

        Growth transpires when we realize we are powerless over all the nouns and pronouns in our life: people, places and things.  (Paths, p 13)

        Living with humility, seeing that much is out of our hands helps us sleep better.  We will worry less.  We become easier for others to relate with.  We make sure a "we" is left standing in our interactions with others. 

        Faith right-sizes us.  We are reminded it is best depending on God.  We can never be certain about outcomes.  It is best discovering what they may be as we connect authentically with others.  It promotes an Attitude of Gratitude.   We find relief.

        Our manipulations only make others angry with us.  They create distance and distrust.

        Applying faith we no longer need to rely on our resources alone.  The heavy luggage carried up the stairs of our concerns and future no longer rests upon our shoulders, but His.

How About You? 
How is your connection with God?  Where would you like it to be?  How do you define the God of your understanding?


Anonymous said...

Dear Innkeeper,
Thank you for this post.
Thank you also for the following quote:
"The difficulty for me, during rough times. Is waiting-trusting for God's results."

Thumper said...

Dear Pablo,

I have been working hard on having faith. It isn't easy putting everything into God's hands, to relinquish control. Recently, I did this and the outcome was better than expected. This leads me to believe that I can begin to trust a power greater than myself.

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