Wednesday, June 22

An Antidote To The Frenzy of Modern Day Living........ 6/22/16

     Here I am.

     In a matter of time, you'll notice improvements here. In the meantime, I'm behind the scenes, making adjustments.  I am developing, en-hancing, my practice.  Also what I will offer at this site.

      I want this inn to
provide greater sup-port than it already does.

      This requires mucho work from me.  There's a problem with this idea.  I haven't had time.

      Lately, I have had so many distractions they have exhausted me.  I can't think straight.  The unwanted demands are hindering my work.  Fortunately, I am gradually getting back on track.

      I am submitting this post because it explains what the innkeeper has been doing.  I have been in H.A.L.T.  It is one of the reasons for my absence.  I am also presenting this post because it has been speeding to the top of the sidebar to your right.

      It is worth taking a look at, again.  Here it is:


         It is reassuring knowing God cares for us.

         He does, more than we can ever love ourselves.  It is even better, appreciating this fact on the experiential level.  Not just cognitively.

        We are also fortunate when we enjoy the benefits of a support-ive network.  They are our Balcony People.  

      But, we also enjoy the richness of life when we take care of ourselves.  Ourselves.  It is easy thinking of everyone else's needs, neglecting our feelings and what we want.  Then we wonder why we are irritated or depressed.

        It helps remem-bering all negative feelings are a re-sult having an unmet need. This is today's subject.  In the midst of life's de-manding nature, it critical making time for ourselves.

      Continually run-ning at 9,000 rpms isn't healthy.

       Part of our personal growth is learning to do less during stressful times.  Less than we are capable of accomplishing.  We may not be as efficient as we want to be.  But we'll be more effective.

       Making time for us gives more bounce to our life.  We get through life with more energy, zest.  We are more likely thrive.

      We want to make time for personal growth.  One way is having Quiet Time.  For many, it is early in the morning.  We make time even though the urgencies of life scream for attention.  We invest in ourselves despite the e-mails awaiting us.

      We want to do this even when text messages keep piling up on our phone. These demands prod us, insisting we ig-nore our mental and spiritual needs.  But it is more vital, realizing the need to don the armor of having a Quiet Time early in the morning, before battling the demands of the day.

       Studying, praying, meditating, they are forms of having Quiet Time.  So is reading uplifting material, listening to inspiring music.   Going for a walk at a park keeps us fresh, too.  They are all ways of nurturing us.  Any of these possibilities are better than TV.  Or playing video games.  Yes, even better than surfing the internet. (You can shut down your computer. Go ahead and invest in yourself.  I'll still be here when you return.)

       You still here?  Okay, I'll continue.  Conversations with friends or doing community service. These activities are good for our mind, emo-tions and spirit.  The following quote is also helpful to keep in mind during stressful times.
HALT.  Don't get too hungry, angry, lonely or tired.  I use this reminder to help me set healthy limits for myself, which I never learned as a a child. In the past, I believed I should be able to go for days without enough food or sleep.   I also test-ed the limits of my ability to handle enormous doses of stress and isolation with-out tending to my own emotional or physical needs. 
I've learned a gentler, simpler way of caring for myself.  I find it of great benefit to have a brief list of the most basic areas in which I neglect my own well-being: nourishment, emotional wellness, fellowship, and physical rest.   
First, is my stomach rumbling?   Then I need to stop what I'm doing and eat some food.  Am I too angry about the tri-vial details of my life?   If so,  I can take a break and punch a pillow or engage in some physical exercise [or process these issues with a trusted, emotionally healthy friend].  Am I lonely?  I could get together with friends or call someone who accepts me unconditionally. Finally, am I so tired that I can't keep my eyes open? Then it's time to lie down for a nap or a good night's sleep. 
When I feel stressed, I'll stop to check whether my basic needs are being met. We can watch for the need to HALT and give ourselves special attention when we are feeling Hungry, An-gry, Lonely or Tired.
          We have a liveliness, an excitement for life, when we take care of ourselves.  When we do, we enjoy our time on earth more.  We will have an Attitude of Gratitude, along with greater sanity. 

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