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Balcony People: We Need Them To Survive Difficult Times.............. 6/29/16

Two are better than one, for they have a rich reward 
for their labor if one falls, he has another to lift him 
up.  But woe to him that is alone when he falls, for 
has not another to lift him up. Eccles., 4:9-12
Balcony People Prevent Us From Falling

Innkeeper's Note:  This post is speed-ing upwards along the sidebar to your right.  It was written nearly four years ago.  You may not have been around, then.  I am re-post-
ing it for those who have not read it.

       One characteristic of resilient people is that they keep good company.  Today's post is about this subject.  Let me know what you think. Here is the post:


       Receiving amazing, beyond belief, support is heartening.

      Major but scary areas in our lives can confronted when given this assistance.  We can enjoy little, but significant victories.  It is the lit-tle foxes that ruin the vineyards of life.

      These foxes can be captured, returned to their natural habitat.  This will prevent the terror they can create.

        Loving letters from friends, supportive phone calls and empathy en- courage us during tough times.  Having a sup-portive network help us make it through the day.  They create a bridge, helping us get over the despairing moments we face.

       Loving support makes it possible to move forward.  No man is an island. Confronting and overcoming challenges, is easier when we take it one day at a time.  And, sometimes, when it is especially rough, it is more like taking it fifteen minutes at a time.

       Balcony People stick by us. They lift us up, after being sucker punched by the unexpected vicissitudes of life.  This is when we are thankful for the support we get when we have a supportive network.

       We learn from the experience, strength and hope of our good friends.  Their smiles, wisdom and compassion provide the connection needed.  During the stressful seasons of life---when we falter, they, our Balcony People, lift us up.

       They uphold us as we place one unsteady foot in front of the other. You might want to read here, for more about this critical source of support.

       Wonderful con-versations with a family member or connecting with others committed to our welfare heals emotional brui-ses.  These sores accumulate quickly when we our charac-ter is growing.

       These bruises may pop up when we face an unpleasant task. This may happen when we take steps in our personal progress. One source of healing during these stretching times is giving ourselves credit.  When trying to grow, often we are facing our fears.  Or we may be overcoming old scars.

       When addressing daunting issues, we take care one of the most important persons in our lives.  Ourselves.  During stress-ful times, we need to take whatever steps are necessary to treat ourselves with care.

       This means Quiet Time.

       When we apply this time, we are taking care of yours truly.  Eating healthy meals.   Exercising.  Sleeping well may be what is needed to take off the edge of demanding days.
        Listening to music, being with friends and making time for fun (even if we don't feel like it) are additional ways of nurtur- ing ourselves.  Such action is critical when facing distasteful, scar-y, circumstances.

       Caring for ourselves in this loving way, being gentle towards ourselves, is the antidote to pres-sure.  It is a terrific tonic for tension.

       During stressful times this is when we need to especially focus on our needs. We have to be at our best.  This is possible when we nurture our souls. We become stronger when we give attention to our phy-sical needs.  We are the only person on earth who can make our welfare our number one priority.

      We accomplish this by connecting with our network of good com-pany.  We will have greater success during life's crucible moments when we also slow down to tend to ourselves.

How About You? 
1. How have you received support this week?
2. Has there been an area in your life where you are experiencing more clarity?


Anonymous said...

Dear Innkeeper,
I would like to take the time to thank you and my support group of 2 years for listening and encouraging me during trying times. My life would not be as good as it is now without all of you. Happy 4th of July!

Pablo said...

Dear TB,

It is my pleasure spending time, getting to know you. Witnessing your growing emotional strength and discernment is fulfilling, giving me plenty of joy.

I value your transparency and insights, along with your desire to grow. Thank you for all your comments. They make the work I do here worthwhile.

The Innkeeper

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