Sunday, March 13

The Opening of this Inn: Hey, I'd Enjoy Hearing Your Gratitudes .......................................... 3/13/11

Welcome to this journal of expressing our gratitudes!

     Thanks for dropping by. I've been writing for a closed community that deals with health, fitness and nutrition. It's closing. So, here's my new digs. I'll work on making this site more attractive. There's much I still need to learn about creating my own blog. Well, at least I've established a beachhead in this world of cyberspace.I ask if you could please share three things for which you are grateful by posting them here. This place will be a gratitude journal for those wanting to reorient themselves and detach from the negativity that pervades the world.

"As a man thinketh in his heart so is he."
                            Proverbs 3: 27
      Please share what you are grateful for. I call them gratitudes. Hearing yours would be terrific. Soon, I'll place here some of what I was posting elsewhere.

Today's Gratitudes:

1.  For the confidence we have as a result of knowing our dreams, desires, choices and values. This is known as internal referenting. For more about this, click here and here see the bottom of these posts.Let me know what you think.
2.  Today I disagreed with someone, but I did so with kindness and courtesy. The Talmud says the highest form of wisdom is kindness. I think we'd agree on that point.
3.  I related with another person today, who also got angry.  My horns must not be compressed today. I'm  happy knowing the freedom enjoyed when we don't let other people's reactions determine ours.  We can still have our serenity and tranquility, even in the midst of another person's emotional storm. Freedom to enjoy my life on my terms, not that of others. Wow. 
4.  It is freeing knowing that, regarding other people's issues, we didn't cause them, we can't control them, nor do we want to, and we can't cure them. What we can do, is detach from the drama, with love and determine our options. 

      Here's to greater joy, serenity, emotional safety and gratitude for this year. I look forward to hearing from venturous readers of newly created blogs,


Paul said...

Cool! Welcome to the digital revolution! Next we have to get you on Facebook.

I have bookmarked this page and will check it out regularly.

Paul NorthernCal said...

Paul, thank you for stoppng by. Great to see you here. I'm still learning how to use this place. How are you? How's your son. He has my prayers---I can relate.

Kelly said...

Wow. Didn't realize you were new to the scene. Welcome!

Paul NorthernCal said...

Kelly, you bring up a wonderful point. Two days ago made it one month that I've opened up this joint. In that time we have over 1500 visitors. I'm glad this place meets the needs of many, and it's only just starting to do so.

I replied at your abode in cyberspace. I'll get back to you regarding your experience, strength and hope, or lack of it, due to your time with AFG.

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