Wednesday, March 30

Perfectionism, Procrastination, Paralysis: It's Antidote ......... 3/30/11

    Good morning, earlier risers and night owls.

Many of you know I was booted from another community--------it's closing Friday.  So, here I am. This blog is a miracle.  

          It reminds me when I drove my first car, an auto with a clutch, for the second time.  I was a sixteen year old kid when I did so, on a busy street with no one else assisting me. I had no idea what I was doing. The same was the case two weeks ago, when I opened the doors to this inn.

         It's encouraging hearing from you. Thanks for dropping by where we share our Attitude of Gratitude.  This is where we rejuvenate our hearts through praise. May you experience God's blessing as your heart is lifted up with thoughts that resonate with positivity and hope.  You're investing in yourself when you post.  

         This week has been eventful, if you only knew.  I thought the drama I've experienced only happened in movies.  I'm glad I remained present, not allowing the crisis to trigger feelings or cause me to perseverate.  

          Tuesday, I spoke before an audience on not being overwhelmed by those who frustrate us or push our buttons.  Tonight. I shared how we can get back our voice and not  be manipulated by the anger of emotional bullies. 

          It makes my day seeing people interested in developing greater discernment in their relationships. It's heartening witnessing others delighting in this great big life God wants us to enjoy.

          When it comes to speaking before others,  I do the best I can, leaving the results to God.  My best is good enough. I've discovered that perfectionism is a disease. Have you heard of the three P's?  They are perfectionism, procrastination and paralysis; they are related to each other, progressive and they go from bad to worse

          So, it's actually regression.  Perfectionism usually leads to procrastinating. If I do enough of that and I become paralyzed.  This happens when my principles are overrun by the more vulnerable areas of my personality, areas like fear, anxiety, resentment----you get the picture. I find the following words helpful:
I have yet to meet an absolute perfectionist whose life was filled with inner peace. The need for perfection and the desire for inner tranquility conflict with each other. Whenever we're attached to having something a certain way,better than it already is, we are, almost by definitionengaged in a losing battle.  Rather than being content and grateful for what we have, we are focused on what's wrong with something and our need to fix it.  When we are zeroed in on what's wrong it implies that we are dissatisfied, discontent.
Whether it's related to ourselves---a disorganized closet, a scratch on the car, an imperfect accomplishment, a few pounds we would like to lose---or someone else's imperfections------the way someone looks, behaves, or lives their life--- the very act of focusing on imperfection pulls us away from our goal of being kind and gentle. This strategy has nothing to do with ceasing to do your very best, but with being overly attached and focused on whais wrong with life.
                  Richard Carlson,  Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

        I thank all who post.  I love hearing what's going on in your lives.  Communicating, fellowship and celebrating life is good for everyone's soul.  Have a terrific Thursday.  Keep looking up,
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ScooterSim said...

Well, a chapter closes on our lives with the closure of the SSS site after midnite. Yet, what is life if not change. Hopefully, we can all keep contact.

I like the words here about taking action and avoiding the three p's. Too many times I let myself fall victim to them and I have determined this time I will not.

Anonymous said...

Great view I recently hit on your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my incipient comment. I don’t know what todiscloseexcept that I have enjoyed reading. Correct blog. I will keep visiting this blog very each.


Paul NorthernCal said...

Paul, I'm sorry for not replying sooner. It was nice having the SSS site open for an additional week. I'd love hearing what's new with you. I sent a letter regarding joining the SSS Redux site and haven't got a reply.

How are you doing with maintainng your Meal Plan? How can I support you, in addition to my prayers?

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