Wednesday, July 13

Reflections During a Difficult Time 7/13/16

      Tragedy struck the United States.

      Taking place in several states last week.  African Amer-icans killed by police. Five police officers had their lives cut
short by a retaliatory sniper shooting in Dallas, Texas.

      The misfortunes continue.  Further death by shootings since then.  Two bailiffs killed in a courthouse yesterday.  A palpable gray cloud of disgust, despair and astonishment hovers over the nation.

      What are we to think?  How best can we respond?

      This place, this site, is a treasury.  Kept within is a hoard of optimism  and thankfulness.  Tonight, this focus is replaced with con-cern.  Concern about the future.  Concern about our love for one another, mankind and those different than us, ethnically or relig-iously.

       Now is the time to support our communities, demonstrating God's love.  We do this when we are compassionate instead of critical.  We reflect God's grace when we exercise patience instead of judgment to-wards someone who is different.

       We breathe out God's pre-sence when we offer grace.  This is especially true when we do so while tried by diffi-cult circumstances.  Now, as a nation, it's best focusing on what we have in common. We want to look beyond the color of a person's skin or his creed.

      That's being gracious in deed, not just with our mouths.  This perspective is better than judg-ing, making assumptions when noticing our differences with others.

      It's easy, being kind when we have had plenty of sleep.  It's simple, exercising patience when we are well-fed.  It's easy to be in a good mood when we are not having financial stress.

       The true test of character is our response when we are tired.  How we respond to emotionally draining circumstances, tells us who we truly are.
Don't listen to a person's words.  Watch their actions.
It reveals an individual's true character. 
     Reflecting God's grace and gentle-ness during difficult times like now re-veals God abides within us.

     Why?  Our na-ture is not to be pleasant when struck by catas-trophes.  Grace is not our usual reac-tion when going through disturbing times.  It isn't our nature to be hopeful or positive when life is miserable.

      Shining the light of kindness while going through tough times dem-onstrates God lives within us.  Let's ask God to shine. Through us. This week. Today. This hour.  It is possible when we enjoy a living, breath-ing, dynamic relationship with Him.

       It is possible when we rely on His power in order to be the loving person this world needs to see during these perilous, nervous times.

      Our nation and many communities, worldwide, are roiling with tension.  Us demonstrating kindness and patience will be a sought-for, soothing sunshine enjoyed after weathering the bitter storm of humans killing one another over differences and a desire for revenge.

      My prayer is God will help us focus upon our communality.  That love will flourish in spite of our ethnic, religious or racial differences.  May we---filled with God's love---encourage one another to love and good deeds.

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