Saturday, July 23

Checking In. Happy I Don't Make Assumptions....... 7/23/16

     I know.

     I haven't been around much.  Even so, an average of nine hundred+ guests a day drop by.  All this taking place during this month related to the great-est of all
Ceasars.  The sidebar reveals many are checking out earlier posts.  

     Thank you, for visiting.  Most of you hail from the U.S.  This is followed by hundreds dropping by this month from France, Russia, Germany, Brazil and China.  In that order. 

      This month taxed me emotionally.  I am decompressing from stress I have been enduring since March.  Against my will, I am relating with a boundaryless person.  She has encroached upon my privacy.  She in-trudes upon my personal space, throwing my peace of mind out of wack.  
      I am coping by doing less, slowing down.  I am getting my bearings after being disturbed by this woman.

     I have several things to be happy about. One is a gift I got.  A superb foun-tain pen.  It thrills me, using it.  It meets many needs simultaneously: beauty, flow, art, expression, and elegance.

     I've been a calligrapher for twenty years. Taking client notes, using this pen, allows me to take mini vacations between each stroke of the pen. It provides an ooh and aahness to life that satisfies my aesthetic soul.

 Gratitudes for Saturday: 
1.  Today, I took in a fantastic movie with a friend.  The new release about Tarzan. The pro-duction values were lush.  It had plenty of drama.  The flick provid-ed escapism desperately needed.
2.  Had dinner with a friend this evening. We ate at a Thai restaurant.  Yum and double yum, including the fried banana with coconut ice cream.
3.  I am spending a lot of time writing, editing what I produce.  I love making time for me.  This is one way I do. I love all the details involved.  It meets my need for understanding me, to self-express, creativity and have time alone.
4.  My Fitbit device.  It is making me aware how poorly I sleep.  That's a good thing.  Knowing this fact allows me to do something about it.
5.  I love the work I do. I am privileged to serve others, helping them become the person they want to be.  It helps me to apply the thousands of hours I've put into studies and my experience working with those who are distressed.
6.  Someone corrected me on Friday.  I loved it.  I am not what I do or don't do.  I was happy noticing my response.  I was present and re-sponded to the feedback.  It is fabulous, not being defensive.  There is no need for that.
7.  I am meeting with two friends Sunday.  Celebrating the birthday of one of them.We'll head to Fenton's and hike at Lake Chabot after-ward.
8.  I am thankful for not interpreting my circumstances.  I also do not make assumptions about the behavior of others.

    This reduces 97% of the mental static that would go through my mind if I did take things personally.
9.  I applied boundaries to an irresponsible person.  It felt good.  This individual expects others to rescue her.  It satisfied my need for fair-ness. I allowed woman to experience the natural consequences of her behavior. 

How About You? 
What are your gratitudes for today?  I'd love hearing from you.

   I'm tired.  I'll re-work this later Sunday.  Have a terrific first day of the week!

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