Saturday, August 27

An Inventory of the Good and Not So Good ................ 8/27/16

      I am doing something not done in awhile.

      Sharing the high and low points for the past week.  This was a regular feature of this inn.  Here they are:

1.  Everything is working out as it should.  And by that, I mean well.  I love life.  It is fulfilling, making my life count, getting the most out of it and serving others.
2.  I like that my life continues
to grow. The hills of difficult times and people are getting easier to run.  Initially, I pant when my legs dig into these steep inclines.  Routine, daily effort in applying boundaries and the  nurture I get from supportive friends help me flatten these ascents of  difficulty.
3.  For serenity.   I have it even when facing stressful circumstances.  It is the result of shedding myself from the disease of codependency and having a strong sense of boundaries.
4.  Exercising regularly.  The Fitbit I bought motivates me.  I'm putting in five miles a day.

       My healthy habit is taking me to new places.  I've added running in the Redwood forests of Oakland.  Wednesday it was in Redwood Park and Thursday it was the Eastern Ridge of Skyline Gates Landing.

     Tomorrow, I'll run for ten miles (16.09 km) in the Oakland hills.  For added motivation, I'm planning to run The NAMI In Motion 5K race.  It takes place September 10th.  This is the first time I'm racing in de-cades.  The event supports the Nation-al Alliance of the Mentally Ill (NAMI).

5.  I continue to be patient towards myself.  It's getting a bit easier.  At the same time, it is tough to do because I am driven.

6.  Freedom from adhering to false beliefs developed as a kid.  They are sneaky.  I created them when I didn't have the psychological or emo-tional wherewithal to understand what life threw at me back then.

      I absorbed them.  They were my rules for life.  They warped my conscience. I be-lieved them to be accurate.  Like:
a.  Don't differ with angry people. 
b.  If something goes wrong, I am to blame. 
c.  I must always please others. 
d.  Others are always right. 

      I am happier now that I see these and other values are untrue.

7. The broadening of the sights, smells, and sounds. I am taking them in while cross country running in forested, stream-guided paths in local regional parks.
8. For time alone.  It lets me spend time on my own personal growth.
9. For no longer having as much drama in my life.  One particularly difficult person is no longer in my life. My gut does not get wrenched weekly, as it once was.
10.  I worked on my filing.  They are in the best shape they ever been.  My work space is more orderly,  I love it.

1.  I need to discuss concerns I have with someone who is insensitive to my need for privacy. I have spoken with her twice already.  I will give her a letter tomorrow.
2.  I have difficulty sleeping at length.   My mind is overactive.  No, not with worries---just ideas.
3.  It is disappointing seeing people not making the effort to have the life they desire.  Fear, passivity, defeatism overwhelms them.  They give up without trying.

How About You? 

What have been your high and low points for the past week?

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Thumper said...

Dear Pablo,

Her are my gratitudes for the week...

1.For spending a wonderful day bike riding along the water and the lagoons on Bay Farm Island in Alameda with my family. It ended with a treat- ice cream at Loards:)

2. For the fun and laughter with my family while we played Clue. I actually won!
3. For Creekside church and the new, kind friends I met on Sunday while there.
4. For being able to complete some much needed home repairs the last couple of days. What a relief!
5. For seeing my son stand up to someone courageously yet with respect. Watching him overcome his fear was amazing.
6. For my angel of a husband who loves me unconditionally.
7. For reconnecting with a dear friend after 8 years of being apart.

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