Saturday, April 23

Celebrating Life, Enjoying Abundance ...... 4/23/16

The Fairmont

      Just got home from visiting San Francisco.

      We made a birth-day person feel special.  Celebrating life packs a positive punch.  It invigor-ates the week. It transitions it from ho-hum to sublime and fun.

     Especially true when the joy happens at the Fairmont Hotel.

    Tonight, a getaway evening of laughter and happiness enjoyed by everyone.  All five of us listened to live music and got away from life in the East Bay.  A sensational tonic for a stressful week.  

     Driving in the crazy traffic of the City by the Bay is fun.  It provides opportunities to practice patience. The labyrinth of one-way streets kept me alert.  The confusing detours created by construction taking place downtown awakened enjoyable memories.  

The Laurel Court Restaurant
     It had me recal-ling the chaotic environment of the psychiatric hos-pital I labored in for nine years.

     These memor-ies were stirred as we zigged and zag-ged through town. We tried finding our way home.  In the process, we took in the multitude of night-life percolating along the streets.  At 11:00 p.m.

     We drank and drove.  Drinking in the architecture, quality, mood and character of the quaint city, that is.

      Some of the best years I ever knew--while working in the mental health facility----were recalled by hurley burley of activity taking place all around us.  

     Earlier, I fed tips to the pianist at the Laurel Court Restaurant in-side the Fairmont.  We camped there for several hours.  He played every appeal that was encouraged with a few bucks.  He was startled when we applauded at the conclusion of tunes I requested. 

     After awhile, others not in our party---who beforehand tuned him out---joined in recognizing his efforts.  They applauded.  When he took a break at 10:15 p.m., we left.

     Not before he stopped us.  He paused a conversation he was having with someone.  "Thank you," for appreciating my work.  It made the evening nice,"  he said. 

1.  I luxuriated in the restful evening.  It wonderful enjoying ease. 
2.  Spending time with a terrific group of people. It feels good, smiling a lot. 
3.  Observing some-one delighted as we honored her birth-day. 
4.  Taking in music.  Fun is fun. So is breathing in the atmosphere of a beautiful restaurant and celebrating life. 
5.  This weekend is better than last week's.  Last Saturday, I did not sleep. I pulled an all-nighter.  Last Sunday, when I went to bed, I had not slept since Friday. 
6.  I will take in a contest between my basketball team, the San Fran-cisco Warriors and the Houston Rockets.  It is great, screaming for joy.  I will have fun with a friend and 300 others while watching the contest at the Englander Restaurant.
7.  For the abundance of life.  Abundance is not in how much we have but in how much we enjoy. 

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Anonymous said...

Dear Innkeeper,
I can relate to that piano player on so many levels. Artists in general are taken for granted. The work that goes behind mastering songs or compositions is just as challenging as any other job on the planet.
People are so self-absorbed and assume things, forgetting to appreciate life and a person's dedication to their art as a way to express themselves and to bring people together.
Thank you, Pablo ��

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