Monday, December 7

There's a New Innkeeper........ 12/7/15

          Completed a marathon.

         And beginning another. When I got home at 10:00 p.m., after spending two days in Sacramento, I collapsed.  On the couch.  Unable to get up for
more than an hour. Thank you, for bearing with my absences.

          I just com-pleted a time where practically every minute of every day was consumed.  This included getting up at 5:55 a.m., to make a call exactly at 6:15 p.m., on Tuesday and Thursdays.  Not a second earlier or later was I allowed by the person receiving the call.  This, after going to bed at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, after filing and charting client notes.

         The little time I had was used to stay on top of my practice.  Completing training I started September 8th---that finished yester-day---consumed time.  To threads, my schedule was tattered.  Along with my mind.  Continuously challenging and changing paradigms during this season or characterological change made my inner self a carousel.

         Thoughts within moved up and down while feelings spun around.  My values were not given time to stand still.  This boot camp of per-sonal growth took me to extremes not previously known.  Much was processed.  Recovering from the material absorbed, I am.

         Over the next few postings I hope to share how I am transform-ing, and already have.

         Sunday, I was deeply loved.  Honored.  And blessed, while given tremendous hope, encouragement and strength.  Sunday was magical.  I cried, several times. Good tears of joy, connection and understand-ing.

         To the core of my soul, I was blessed.  Never have I experienced such simultaneous support, affection, kindness and community.  Ever.

         In three compressed moments of time----yesterday, Saturday and the past four months----a revolution within took place. Yesterday was beyond magical.  I was lifted up by community.  I experienced con-nection with many others as never witnessed before. Saturday, I was honored, recognized, and appreciated by more than 50 people.

         Saturday, I experienced success.  A huge task was accomplished.  I was loved.  I worked to a point of exhaustion I haven't known since my days as a wrestler, in high school.  All this was done while working along with a team of five others.

         I know there is much I do, for good.  It is the result of the support gotten from a loving community of friends.  My relationship with God also fortifies and inspires me, making it possible for me to serve others as I do.  What I offer this world also results from thousands of hours put in training and study.  I am better equipped than I was last September.

        I have grown by a factor of at least ten.  In the book Safe People, one characteristic of a Safe Person is growth.  An unsafe person doesn't. (How are you growing?) The words you read today is from a person who is different from what he was September 7th.  Thank you, for liking who I was.

        I am not that person, now.

       Am I grateful for discovering more to life, myself and what I do than thought possible.  Now, I am unloading the treasures received the past few months. These gifts make me a happier. Life is more radiant. I am more confident, humbled, thankful and a more empowered person.

       Christmas came early for the innkeeper.  Know this, never have I been as moved.  Challenged, supported and inspired was routine during my training. More to be revealed, after I have rested and digested all I went through.  I am still collecting my thoughts.

       I love you all.  I can't wait for the blessings, joy, success, and happiness that the rest of my life offers!! 

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Thumper said...

Hi Pablo,

It sounds like you had a life changing time the past few months on your journey of personal growth! What a lucky man you are. A loved and deserving man.

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