Tuesday, March 15

Not Being Moved When Life Is Threatened ... 3/15/16

   Difficult times are opportunities for us to stretch and grow.

·        We don't need to panic
      o   Instead of catastrophizing, we surf the waves of our present circumstances.
           o   We remind ourselves we can handle what we are facing.
           o   This is emotional resiliency.
·         We comfort the wounded child within.  We do this by:

       o   Getting in touch with our feelings.  Here are a few: 
              §  Anger
              §  Fear
              §  Anxiety
              §  Depression
·        We discover the needs beneath.  For the feelings listed above, here are examples: 
   o   Emotional safety
       o   Comfort
       o   Support
       o   Peace of Mind
       o   Ease
       o   Thriving
·         Spend time connecting with these needs. 
       o   This is self-compassion.
·         We make a request to ourselves, to support meeting our needs. 
       o   "Would it be possible, Pablo, to slow down, to make time for you??"
       o    "Would it be possible, Pablo, to write out your feelings, about receiving a                       an unpleasant letter?
       o   "Pablo, do you think it might be a good idea to call a good friend, and talk about the stress you feel, the worries you have and your anger?"

       Taking these steps is showing self compassion, too.  It is important for healing the areas where we struggle. 

       What prompted these thoughts? 

        I received a death threat.

        It happened on March third. The writer said I will not be around to enjoy my next birthday.

         It's in May.

         In the previous post I wrote being in a crucible is an opportunity to exercise resiliency. This month I am knowing this from personal experience.

         The threat explains the silence, here.
      Until Sunday, I had not posted any-thing since someone threatened "you will be put to sleep."  I wanted time to reflect.  I desired having compas-sion towards myself.  I needed to mourn.

        The day after receiving the threat I reported it to the police. I gave them the letter and envelope.

         Who sent it is a mystery.  I have a good idea who is the coward who sent it.  But it was anonymous.  Being more aware of my environment has been in order.  It is wise thing to do.

         Entrusting God for our welfare, makes sense, too.  Other precautions are being applied.  Can't be mentioned here.

        I hear in the news about people receiving death threats.  I never imagined getting one.

        Henry Cloud, a psychologist says in Changes That Heals, "If suffering people are com-forted by what we do, and angry, mean people are upset with us, we must be doing something right."

        I agree.  Hopefully, this truth is not punctuated by the point of a bullet or knife.  I am also mindful of what Kenneth Wuest said: "God's man is immortal until his work is done."  I am certain God still has work he wants to do through me.

    Five times I should have died. The first time was when I was four.  My folks were not watching me while our family had fun at the Russian River.

     They were sitting in a circle along the river.  Resting in lounge chairs, having beers with friends.  Their backs to the water.  I fell off a nearby pier.

      I started treading water, naturally.  I knew nothing about treading water.  But there I was, doing it.

    When I realized I was, I stopped.  I was in shock.  I sank to the bottom, twenty feet below.  A boy who was with our party, and on the pier---his name was Little Roy---watched.

      He observed as I cried for help, before I sank.  He sat there, his right palm on the wooden pier,  leaning on that arm.  His feet dangled off the pier.  The curious expression on his face remains vivid.  He was fourteen years old.

      I settled in at the bottom of the river.  Calmly looking up through the water I saw the sky.  It was then, the Sistine Chapel experi-ence happened.

     At the time, I knew nothing about the Sistine Chapel.  But still, I had a Sistine Chapel moment.

     From above, first a hand and arm appeared.  It pointed towards me piercing the water.  It reached towards me.

     The rest of Little Roy appeared.  I lifted my arm towards his.  He grabbed my hand, then my waist. He pulled me to the surface.

     We reached the shore.  Soaken, I quietly walked to where my parents sat.  They were laughing, visiting with Big Roy, Little Roy's dad and Yvonne, Big Roy's wife.

      I didn't say a word.  I was stunned, taking in all that hap-pened minutes earlier.

     Little Roy never told them what took place.  Neither did I.  But since that day, I've learned to swim.

     I have swam many times.  But it has always been in a pool that allows a person to grasp its side and pull themselves up when they want to get out.

     Years later, I read the quote from Kenneth Wuest.  When I did, I figured God had work He wanted to do through me.  Reading the death threat I got in the mail earlier this month, Professor Wuest's words ran through my mind, once again.

     In the mean-time, I am doing my best.  I serve others.  I continue enjoying life. For however long that may be.

     And I pray for the unknown person who wants to do me harm.

     One other thing.  Just like I was when my life was endangered at the bottom of the Russian River when I was four, I am calm, not scared. But, yes---your prayers are valued.

     I am cautious, right now.   But not fearful.   And for that, I have an Attitude of Gratitude. 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Hello, Pablo. First of all, I am glad to see that you are still blogging. Secondly, I am sorry that you received such an awful threat. I truly hope that they find out who did this.

Doña said...

I guess you join the list of great men who have had this happen to them. (Still, that would be not much comfort to me, at least.) Will pray for you daily.

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