Friday, July 24

The Key To True Riches, Abundance and Joy........ 7/24/15

       My head spins.

       It luxuriates in good fortune.  Riches beyond measure are overflowing the treasure chest of my expectations.  I am grateful, my smile has never been wider. My heart wells with
happiness.  Life is exceeding my wildest dreams.  I pinch myself making sure I am not in heaven.  I'm not.

      But I am.

A True Story
      A woman once tried zipping her coat.  The harder she tried the more frus-trated she became.  No success.  In-specting the zipper, she noticed she was trying to connect the zipper of her coat to that for the remov-able liner.  The mystery solved.  So it has been for me.

      For three years I was as sure of the outcome of my life as a cat that has crawled within a foot of a bird and was certain of  where he was getting his next lunch. Circumstances made my future obvious.  Wrong. The zipper of ex-pectations did not line up with that of reality.  It never entered my mind I erred.  I had, big time.  And am I glad.  What I enjoy now is greater than my imagination (or efforts) would have taken me.  Did I mention it exceeds my dreams?  That, and more.

     The rainbow of life radiates with new hues that are being added, almost daily. There is a depth of beauty and abundance not known before.  Joy and love embrace with renewed intensity.  A bounce in my step, missing for more than twenty years, is back.  My soul sings with a new brightness.

1.  I am going to the Fairmont Hotel tomorrow. Will dine there, celebrating newly found riches added to my life.
2.  I am loved by many and one in particular. The abundance of life washes over me.  Its waves of tenderness, affection and happiness allow me to know prosperity.  An emotional, mental, physical wealthy---not just monetary. I am celebrating life and thriving.  I feel I am the wealthiest man in the world.  It is the result of being free from the curse of living only within my head and not relating with those who do. (As an aside, those who live only within their head, not trusting God, are hyper control freaks, I am sorry to say.)

    Instead, I am present, not letting thinking rob me from my feelings and experiencing what is, be it painful or pleasant.

3. I am thankful I am no longer spiritually deaf.  God was beckoning me the past three years to rest. To trust Him.  Instead, I was forcing the zipper of life, when it wasn't going the way I wanted.  I was being spared.

      I just didn't know it.  Am I glad I was stopped by His hand.  I say that now.  I didn't then, while suffering disappointment. When life wasn't going as desired, I was confused, sad.

     I am glad for resources gained through a close relationship with God. They are patience, grace towards myself, perseverance and hope for a better future.  A future not created by the dint of my will and better thinking. But a future created because of God's great love for me and the wonderful relationship we share.  Less reliance upon will power or secular meditation, where God is absent.

     Instead I have a love relationship with God, enjoying His comfort and power.
 "Commit your ways to the Lord and your plans shall be established." Prov. 16:3.  
This  means, "Seek His direction, be sensitive to His will, yield to it."  This passage does not say, "Make God your bellboy, tell him what to do. Demand He do what you want."  This is often the typical attitude we have in America. How arrogant am I, when I am this way.

      Now, by yielding to his wisdom and plan, He is blessing me exceedingly, abundantly, beyond anything I could ever want or ask. And for that, I have an Attitude of Gratitude. 

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